Know Your Paint Finishes So You Can Make The Perfect Interior Paint Choice

Queensland summer is the perfect time to tackle an interior paint project. There is warm weather to help the paint dry and plenty of vacation days for project completion. However, before the painters can order the paint they need, you need to decide what type of paint finish you want. There are several different paint finishes, so use these three tips to help choose the perfect one for your needs.

Flat Paint

Not all paint is shiny, and flat paint has the least amount of light reflection of all interior paint finishes offered. So, why put flat paint in your home at all? Flat paint is the perfect choice to hide an older home's imperfections. Because flat paint does not reflect light, it doesn't draw attention to the painted surface. This means flat paint is an ideal choice for walls or ceilings that have a few imperfections. Therefore, this paint finish masks minor bumps and uneven surfaces. However, consider that flat paint is not very durable, so do not use it in high traffic areas or in places where constant wall cleaning is required, such as children's bedrooms.

High Gloss Paint

The complete opposite end of the spectrum to flat paint is high gloss paint. Think of it as high gloss paint having all the shine compared to flat paint's no shine. High gloss paint is the perfect pick to reflect light and brighten any dull room. However, just as flat paint hides imperfections, high gloss paint shows them all! Therefore, professional painters who know how to prepare a wall and remove all blemishes must apply this paint choice for the best results. Small rooms, such as bathrooms and kitchens, can better enjoy the light reflection of high gloss paint.

Satin Paint

The third paint finish option, halfway between flat and high gloss paint, is satin paint. Satin paint is durable and stands up well to day-to-day living. Therefore, this finish is ideal for bedrooms, especially for those with younger house members. In addition, you can easily wipe over satin paint without damaging the finish. Finally, because satin paint has medium-light reflection qualities, it both hides and highlights wall imperfections. But, again, it is a paint finish that must be applied by a professional. A clean wall that painters carefully prime gives the best surface to use satin and high gloss paints.

Now that you know the three different paint finishes, you can discuss which one works best in your home. Perhaps you will use a combination of all three. Now all that is left is to decide on the colour choice, and then the painting project can begin.

For more information, reach out to local painting services.

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