How Painting the External Walls Enhances a Home

You may debate over whether to upgrade your home's exterior or interior. However, the facade is the first thing people see from the street. Thus, improvements to the outside are vitally important. One option is to paint the external walls and trim. To discover how this will enhance your home, consider the following.

Improve Kerb Appeal

Painting the outside walls will improve the kerb appeal. You can try to transform a property with landscaping or fencing changes, but these more minor projects don't have as much impact as painting the building. After all, the house is the main focus, and the walls cover a massive area.

When choosing paint colours, consider the surrounding environment and echo tones found there. You could create a smart look with dark charcoal walls and white trim. For a total transformation, change the colour to something completely different. You could drive around the neighbourhood or look online at pictures for inspiration.

Make the Building Look Newer

Repainting the walls will make your home look newer, which is ideal if you intend to sell the house. Flaky paint and faded colours can add years to the actual age of the dwelling. Unless you're repainting a heritage home and want to channel a specific era, choose modern colours to bring the building up to date. A fresh paint job could attract potential buyers to venture inside.

Protect from the Elements

A new paint layer protects the cladding from UV light, rain and hail. Peeling paint can let moisture seep inside the walls to rot internal timber beams and trigger mildew infestations. A new paint layer will seal weatherboards from damaging termites. It will prolong the life of the siding.

Draw Attention to Problems

A painting project covers every centimetre of the exterior, and it provides the opportunity for a painter to notice any damage. For example, they may see that termites are in one part only, allowing you to act to prevent these pests from spreading. Another problem they could come across is cracking in a brick and mortar wall, so you could address this issue before it escalates. By catching problems early, you'll save money in the long run.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Repainting a home can improve its energy efficiency. Lighter colours reflect more solar heat than darker ones to help keep your house cooler in the summer. As a result, you won't require so much air conditioning in a more energy-efficient home. Some external paints contain reflective pigments that deflect the hot sun. A greener house will be a more attractive prospect for buyers also.

For more information, contact a painting service. 

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