2 Stunning Paint Effects to Try on Your Home

Home renovations are a much-loved pastime for many homeowners. They're a great way to give a home a fresh, new look and to increase the value of a property. Among the many and varied home renovation tasks, painting the interior or exterior of a property is one of the most popular choices. Few other renovation tasks provide the same rapid and dramatic improvement that a fresh coat of paint does.

One of the most exciting aspects of repainting is the ever-expanding choice of new colours and types of paint. Special effects paints are included in this emerging range and there are many modern and visually exciting paint effects available from most of the major paint brands. Here are two special effect paint varieties that you might like to consider for your home.

1. Copper

Copper has been a popular choice for interior designers for several years now and its popularity doesn't appear to be waning. It's not difficult to understand why. Copper provides a warm, rich and timeless look to any style of decor. These qualities can be utilised in your home by opting for a copper effect paint.

You can opt for a straight copper effect paint which will give you an even, lustrous and decadent look. For something a bit more creative, a copper patina paint effect could be ideal. This is a product that's applied over the copper effect paint and recreates the attractive green patina that occurs with copper as it ages.

2. Concrete

Concrete has become another popular look in modern interior design. It's used to create attractive features such as floors, benchtops and fixed pieces of furniture. This trend has now extended to paint effects, and most major brands now have concrete effect paint available. 

This type of paint provides a textured, contemporary and slightly industrial look when used in a home. You can opt for a soft, pale colour if you want to keep the look of your home light and bright or a darker hue if you'd prefer an edgier and more intimate feel.

If you're considering revamping your home with a fresh, new paint look, it's important to use a professional painter for the best results. This is particularly important when using paint effects because they require expert application. It's highly recommended that you seek Dulux accredited painters. They'll be able to use that specific brand of paint to create the desired effect.

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