3 Instances When Homeowners Should Call an Exterior Painter

The exterior walls of a house offer the first line of defense against the elements and burglars. Unfortunately, many homeowners ignore potential hazards that threaten the integrity of the external walls. Moreover, some homeowners are often left with extensive damages that lead to costly repairs. However, if you call an exterior painter early, you can avoid extensive damages. It is especially the case if your home is exposed to extreme weather conditions for extended periods. This article highlights circumstances when you need the services of an exterior painter.

Grilling Near a Wall

Backyard cookouts are arguably the most popular outdoor activities nowadays. They are fun and bring friends and families together without spending significant amounts of money. However, if you have a small backyard, the chances are that you will place a grill near a wall. However, it will expose the paint to smoke and oil from food and cause extensive damage. Therefore, if you plan to install a grill near your home's wall, you need to call an expert exterior painter. They will assist you in choosing a flame retardant paint, or a brand that is resistant to oil and smoke. Consequently, it will allow you to grill near a wall without damaging the aesthetic value of your home.

The Presence of Trees/Branches Near Your House

The benefits of vegetation to a property are obvious and cannot be ignored, for instance, shade and fresh air. Besides, properties with trees have a higher resale value than houses without any vegetation. Nonetheless, trees that grow too close to a house might damage the paint job on the walls. Therefore, you might be forced to cut the tree or trim the branches, altering your landscape's aesthetics. An exterior painter can help you avoid the trouble in two ways. For example, they might install powder-coated siding, which performs well against rough objects. An alternative and less expensive option that painters also use is scratch-resistant paint or finish.    

Planting Wall Vines

Wall vines help soften any hard surfaces, and they are an excellent textural backdrop for homes with garden. Despite the benefits, vines tend to hold moisture against walls or siding. Over time, the moisture leads to rotting and faster deterioration of exterior walls through mould growth. Additionally, some vines harbour insects and critters, which pose a danger to the structural integrity of walls. For this reason, it is essential to call an exterior painter before you plant vines on your property. A painter will coat walls with paint that prevents insect, mould, and moisture-related damages.

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