Why Does Your Painter Want to Use Specialist Paint in Your Bathroom?

If you've booked painters to decorate your bathroom, you may have expected them to simply use a standard paint on your walls and ceiling. However, they recommend that you choose colours from a specialist bathroom paint range. Why is a specialist paint better in this room?

Keep Moisture Out of Surfaces

Even if you have good ventilation in your bathroom, it's not a dry environment. Heat and steam from the hot water you use make this room moist and humid.

As condensation and steam hit your walls and ceiling, they'll stick. Regular paints can't always cope with this moisture. As they get older, they may start to show water stains. Plus, if enough moisture seeps through the paint, it could make it start to bubble up, crack and split.

Specialist bathroom paints contain materials that mitigate against these effects. They typically contain resins that set harder than standard paints. This makes the paint more impervious to moisture and water; it simply keeps these substances out of the paint layers on the outside of the surface.

Get Help With Mould

Bathrooms often develop problems with mould and mildew growth. These growths like nothing better than a damp and humid environment. So, it's not uncommon to see them on bathroom walls and ceilings.

While you can treat painted walls to keep mould and mildew at bay, it's hard to find a good long-term solution. Once you have these problems, they are likely to reoccur even if you clean mould and mildew off surfaces and treat them with anti-fungal products.

Bathroom paints typically contain substances like biocides and anti-fungal treatments that kill off things like mould and mildew or prevent them from growing in the first place. The paint gives you a better chance of keeping your bathroom free from these growths in the first place.

Get an Easier Clean

The walls and ceiling in your bathroom will get damp and wet from condensation and steam. They may need regular cleaning to stop them from looking streaky or to deal with watermarks.

It can be hard to clean regular paints. Many are not really washable. You may be able to wipe some down; however, this may not be enough to get a really good clean.

On the other hand, specialist bathroom paints are usually fully washable. They are easy to wipe down without damaging the paint's surface.

To find out more about bathroom paints and your colour options, have another chat with your painters.

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