Things You Should Not Do When Painting Your Exterior Walls

The exterior part of your home plays an essential role in protecting your home and enhancing its aesthetic appeal. For this reason, it's crucial to paint exterior walls regularly and ensure the job is done correctly. However, most homeowners don't take this renovation project seriously and end up making costly mistakes. The good news is that these blunders can be avoided as long as you get the right information before starting your project. Here are some things you should not do if you plan to paint the exterior walls of your home.

Don't paint the walls at any time

One of the first things you should do before starting your project is to make an ideal plan. This plan includes choosing the materials you need, hiring a contractor and setting the project timeline. But before you make the plan, it's important to note that this kind of project isn't conducted at any time of the year. Have you ever seen someone painting their exterior walls in winter? If you are keen, you'll notice there is a specific time of the year when these jobs are done. Make sure your schedule is set at a time when the temperatures are conducive for painting. Ideally, you want your project to be done during the warm and dry days. If it rains before the paint cures or dries fully, then you'll be forced to repeat the task.

Don't skimp on the preparations

Whether you have decided to DIY or hire a painting contractor, it's crucial to prepare your wall before painting. Painting experts usually use high-pressure washes to blast off any dirt, mildew or peeling paint. They have updated equipment that enables them to complete the task quickly. If you choose to DIY, then you'll need to scrap the entire area and wash off the dirty areas thoroughly since paint doesn't adhere to an unclean surface. Even if it takes days, the area must be cleaned effectively. Don't be lured to covering the dirt either as you'll get poor results.

Avoid buying ordinary paint

Due to the expenses associated with a painting project, you could be tempted to reduce the budget by buying cheap paint. However, if you use low-quality paints, more coats will be required to cover the area adequately, meaning you will use more paint and spend more money and time on the job. Moreover, ordinary paint doesn't offer quality results and value, so you will be forced to redo the task sooner.

Talk with a professional painter for more information. 

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